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Bizo and Eloqua Extend Marketing Automation to Paid Advertising

I’m attending Eloqua’s customer conference Eloqua Experience (or #EE12 on Twitter). I have to tell you this is one of the most exciting conferences I’ve ever attended. Why? In my role as “The Product Guy” at Bizo I’m constantly on the bleeding edge with everything having to do with marketing to business professionals. The attendees at this conference are smart, energized, and forward thinking when it comes to B2B marketing. Everyone I talk to understands what we’re doing at Bizo, and many have already jumped at the opportunity to beta the new solution were building with Eloqua around the AdFocus product.  This post is about what we’re building, where we’re going with it, the problems it’s designed to solve, and how customers can get started now.

What is Eloqua AdFocus?

AdFocus is a new tool from Eloqua that provides an integration layer into paid advertising (display and social) advertising services. The vision is to make it drop-dead simple for Eloqua users to bring paid advertising into their marketing mix and manage it from their marketing automation system.

Bizo’s Vision for Display, Social, and Marketing Automation

In short, our vision is about driving more qualified leads into the marketer’s funnel, increasing the velocity with which leads progress through the funnel, and measuring everything along the way.  Here’s how we do it:

  • We drive more qualified leads into the top of the funnel: Bizo has the richest and broadest B2B data set available on the market today (e.g. company size, industry, job function, seniority, SIC code, DMA, company name, and more). Using this, we’re able to deliver our clients’ brands, display ads, and messages across the broader display ad exchange, Bizo’s business ad network, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to reach the most targeted prospects. And we have managed brand safety and ad optimization across campaigns for over 600 brands over the last five years.
  • We nurture leads beyond the inbox: 97% of website visitors never identify themselves. With display advertising, you can stay in front of these people regardless (think personalized site retargeting driven by Eloqua). And for those who have opted out of email marketing or who are cold/lost deals, we provide a technique known as CRM retargeting (the ability to target an encrypted list of email addresses with display ads). Finally, we can synchronize email nurturing and display ad messaging to reach the 70% of prospects who do not open their nurture emails. All in a privacy friendly way!
  • We enable precise measurement and attribution of every marketing dollar spent: For today’s B2B marketers, it’s all about ROI. We can measure a campaign’s impact from the top to the bottom of the funnel, including target audience penetration, target audience lift, cost of new prospect, cost per page view, number of new leads into the funnel, increase in funnel velocity, and several other metrics our clients are using to track success against specific branding and/or direct response objectives. What’s more, all of the marketing touches from display and social media channels live in the marketing automation system customer record to enable advanced lead scoring, sophisticated nurture flow rules, and complete marketing mix visibility.
  • We make it easy:  Marketer’s don’t have time to add complexity to their day. We shorten time for campaign execution by syncing with existing nurture flows and giving the marketer the ability to quickly and easy edit creative messaging and by dynamically personalizing creative based on industry, company name, and other variables.

What can we do today?

We’re now in beta with our support for Eloqua AdFocus. Lots of exciting stuff to come! If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to me at I’ve got to run… I don’t want to miss anymore of Eloqua Experience! 


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