Russell Glass

Russ is the CEO of Bizo. He is a serial technology entrepreneur, having founded or held senior positions at four venture-backed technology companies. Most recently, Russ led the marketing and product management teams at ZoomInfo, a business information search engine, where he sharpened his B2B marketing skill-set and developed his love for business data. Other than business data, Russ's passions include golf, anything in high def, and Duke basketball.

Posts By Russell Glass

4 Predictions for the Marketer’s Path to Success...

For the online marketing industry, 2012 will be a year to remember. Among other events, we were witness to the continued debate around online privacy and “Do Not Track” initiatives, the rise of social in the B2B world, and the ever-changing marketing technology landscape, including the acquisition of Buddy Media and Oracle’s... Read More »

The Facade of Safety: Why Microsoft's Approach to...

  OK I admit it: it’s hard for me to believe that Microsoft truly doesn’t understand the ad industry.  But it’s also clear that their non-advertising Windows division rules the roost, so it’s also very possible that Microsoft actually doesn’t understand the ad industry.  On Thursday August 9th, Microsoft reaffirmed its decision to include the... Read More »

In Good Company: Congrats to the AlwaysOn Global...

Those of us who work in the technology space are a fortunate bunch. There is an indescribable energy when it comes to the startup world, which I suspect is a combination of fun, ambition, talent, and possibly the kegs and in-office espresso machines. I can still remember when, just a few years ago, Bizo was comprised of just a few guys in a tiny... Read More »

Microsoft “Do Not Track” Default Doesn’t Track...

Last week, Microsoft announced that its upcoming Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) browser will ship with the “do not track” (DNT) function turned on by default.  While Bizo has been a leading and vocal advocate of consumer transparency and control since the conceptions inception, we strongly believe that Microsoft’s pending move will be a bad one for... Read More »
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