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Introducing Bizo MyAds -- The Ad Targeting Platform for B2B Marketers of all Sizes

Mass marketing has historically been the purview of the “big guys”— large agencies and huge brands with the budgets to afford glitzy Madison Avenue campaigns across TV, radio, and print.Their goal was simple: create a known brand so that potential customers chose their products over the competition.

Fast forward to today. Thanks to the Internet, smaller companies now have access to the same mass marketing opportunities, reaching and exposing their brands to broad audiences. In addition, the traditional “marketing mix” has shifted its focus online to include ad networks, e-mail, and search engines that deliver prospects to businesses of all sizes – allowing even the smallest company to compete for customers right along with their larger counterparts.

However, the online channels that drive real results for B2B marketers have remained quite limited. Business prospects are like needles in a haystack; they are much harder to find and convert than typical consumers. Combine this with longer and more complex B2B sales cycles, and you have costly marketing campaigns that often yield only satisfactory results at best.

Bizo launched its Bizographic Targeting Platform to help solve these very problems – an industry first. Since its launch in 2008, Bizo has been working with the largest B2B brands such as American Express, UPS, JPMorgan Chase, and Hoover’s to help build their brands and successfully deliver their ads to the right audiences across a broad content network.

While we’ve had tremendous success with such notable brands, we realized we weren’t gaining similar traction with marketers at smaller organizations. Because of the resources traditionally required to manage the data and ad network, we asked for a minimum $5,000 budget commitment from all our customers – considered a steep cost for some marketers.

That’s all about to change. Bizo is launching MyAds, a self-service advertising platform that allows marketers to choose their audiences, their daily budgets (as little as $5 per day), and run targeted display or text campaigns with nothing more than a credit card. We are thrilled to provide companies of all sizes the opportunity to reach the exact audiences that matter to them across the same powerful content network.

We will be launching Bizo MyAds later this quarter and are currently signing up Beta clients for the service. If you’re interested in participating, please let us know at and we’ll put you on the list!

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