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Bizo – Supercharging B2B landing pages – BizAudience API available in beta today

Today, B2B marketing is largely a process of driving visitors to a website, and often to specific landing pages within that website. Whether a marketer is using email, search, webinars, display ads, or a combination of all of the above, the ultimate goal is to bring a visitor to their website to purchase a product or fill out a form for more information. A ton of work and budget goes into creating the campaigns that convince users to come to a landing page, not to mention the fact that roughly 50% of a marketer’s budget is spent on the website (according to Forrester) – the vehicle designed to convert the visitor to a purchase or a lead.

However, the success rate of turning a visitor into a lead is actually quite small – ranging from 0.5% to 20% of visitors. This small number of leads ultimately costs marketers billions of dollars.For example, let’s say a marketer spends $2.00 per click to drive visitors to their website from Google. If they are able to convert 5% of those visitors to leads, they are getting 5 leads for every 100 visitors or $200 they spend. That means they’re spending $40.00 for every lead. If they were able to improve the conversion rate of the landing page by just another 2%, the cost per lead would drop by roughly $12. This is a 40% improvement in the ROI of the marketing campaign.Multiply this across every marketer in the world, and the opportunity becomes clear.

One marketer that has cracked this nut is The company has received a lot of well-deserved attention for its ability to personalize each site visitor’s experience. Every visitor has a different experience based on who they are and the products they’ve purchased in the past. predicts what a user might be interested in, which has driven the company to industry leading success and growth – all while delivering a phenomenal experience for the visitor.

Enter Bizo. The company was created to help B2B marketers target online advertising to business audiences. Today, Bizo is launching a new service that allows marketers to use this same targeting to significantly improve the conversion rates of their landing pages, creating an experience much like users get at The service is called the BizAudience API, and simply, it tells a marketer exactly who is visiting their site – THE MOMENT THEY ARRIVE.

This service allows a marketer to create landing pages and websites that are personalized to each visitor coming to the site. For example, if a visitor from the healthcare industry comes to a landing page, the marketer can now serve their healthcare-focused case study. If a CFO comes to the site, a marketer can serve finance-related content or messaging that will be relevant to the CFO. Similarly, small business owners see SMB content when they arrive on a landing page.

Bizo is now providing the capability for any website owner to easily personalize the experience for business visitors, and ultimately convert more visitors for a higher ROI on all marketing activities. We’ve released the API in a limited beta starting today. If you are interested in an API key for the beta period, please reach out and email us at and we’ll put you on the list!

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