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Bizo joins the Network Advertising Initiative

As strong, and very vocal, advocates for consumer privacy and transparency, we’re excited to report that Bizo has joined the ranks of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) (, a collective of online marketing and analytics companies who are working together to establish standards to help protect consumer's privacy in the online ad world. Although we have been 100% NAI compliant since our inception in 2008, data collection and privacy have been getting a lot of attention lately due to some negative press, and we've decided to throw our support behind organizations that are pushing for more consumer education (see our take on it here, and why we think educating the public is crucial above all: 

So in addition to our recent IAB membership, we’re excited to join another organization that is such a big advocate for consumer education, one that is working to help consumers better understand and control their online experience – and shape the future of where online advertising is headed. And we’re in great company – for a list of participating networks, check out:

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