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Today we announced our partnership with The Digital Partnership, a UK-based digital business-advertising network that boasts 6.6 million unique business users. We’ll work with TDP to introduce our bizographic-based ad targeting to the UK. Through Bizo, TDP will get access to the anonymous targeting data for the more than 45 million business professionals in our bizographic database.

We’re excited to work with TDP to extend our reach across the Atlantic and participate in a market that is ripe with opportunity, in part because it's been developing at a slower rate than we’ve seen in the U.S.

I asked Matt Gower, managing director of TDP for his thoughts on the UK market and about the potential he sees in working with Bizo. Here’s what he sent us:

B2B digital advertising is still in its infancy in the UK and those B2B marketers that have come online are largely focused solely on sales generation activity. In fact, just 7% of respondents to a recent survey of B2B marketing professionals, conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau, said they used online media for brand building. This means there is huge market potential which we are confident that Bizo’s bizographics technology is going to help us tap into. The initial response from advertising agencies and brands across the UK B2B market only reinforces this belief. We are very excited about this partnership and what it offers the blossoming UK B2B market.
At Bizo, it’s obvious that our commitment to the B2B marketplace runs deep. We’ve developed a way to use the right data to target the right business audience for the right advertiser. It’s a simple but powerful idea that makes B2B brand building so much more effective than it used to be. Working with a young market such as the one we find in the UK holds huge potential — both for TDP and for Bizo.

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