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Stop Losing Conversions Already! 6 Tips to Implementing a Successful Retargeting Campaign--Today

For online marketers who target business professionals, the “click” is always just the beginning. Most B2B sales cycles are long and require solid relationship building with prospects. Email is a great tool to help with this sort of lead nurturing, but it also relies on having accurate contact information for a lead, and influencing the prospect or customer takes place within the confines of the inbox. What’s more, if your potential customers are on email only 8.3% of the time that they’re online, you’re missing a huge opportunity to get in front of them the other 91.7% of the time.*

Good news! Just because prospects don’t convert immediately on your landing pages doesn’t mean they’re lost forever. Retargeting is one of the most powerful ways to increase your online conversions and stay top of mind with both anonymous and known prospects—wherever they travel on the Web. And the best part is that retargeting is so much easier to implement than you think:

1. Relax, it’s just a pixel. Retargeting simply requires a pixel to be placed on any web page where you’re hoping to create a retargeting audience. Simply develop one set of retargeting ad creative to serve these people that don’t convert the first time. Tailor the ad creative so that it will leave your brand top of mind, and stays relevant to what you know about them (incorporating bizographics, interest-based targeting, and more).

2. Follow the funnel. Allow the various stages of your marketing funnel to influence your retargeting strategies. Have an audience that has visited your home page and done nothing else? Create retargeted ads that focus on your brand. But for those who have visited specific product pages, use retargeting to emphasize product-specific features and benefits. Retargeting allows you to tailor your ads to address any stage in the buying cycle.

3. Test offers to refine the pitch. Develop multiple sets of retargeting creative and test them to see what works. Does a particular audience never click on whitepapers? Then provide a short video with the same content in a more digestible format.

4. Stay relevant with bizographics. Incorporate business demographic insights into your retargeting to provide even greater relevancy to your ad creative. Doing so ensures your display advertising homes in on what matters most to your target audience, and you’ll be sure to increase your conversions.

5. Support your search marketing efforts. Prospects that come in via search are strong candidates for retargeting. They’re already towards the bottom of the funnel, and have proven their interest in what you provide. Place a retargeting pixel on your search landing pages and start to create a specific retargeting audience pool based on search inquiries to which you’ll serve more targeted ad creative.

6. Mix it up! It doesn’t have to be email marketing OR retargeting. Instead, boost the power of your email marketing by including retargeting pixels in your HTML emails. Since the people in this segment have already opted-in to receiving communications from you, use retargeting as an opportunity to continue building your company’s relationship and trust with them outside of the inbox.

*“What Americans Do Online: Social Media and Games Dominate Online Activity,” NielsenWire, August 2, 2010.

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