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LinkedIn to Acquire Bizo

When we started Bizo just over six years ago, our goal was to build an unbeatable team, culture and product to help B2B marketers drive greater revenue and results.  We have come a long way towards delivering against this vision and at the same time see a huge amount of opportunity ahead of us. As we focus on the road ahead, I couldn’t be more... Read More »

Behind the Desk: Max Mashore

Success at Bizo depends on the brilliant, hilarious, and just plain awesome people who make up our team. In "Behind the Desk," we give you a quick glimpse into our company culture and the people who make it all happen. Meet Max “The Papa” Mashore What is your role at Bizo? I'm a Sales Development Representative in the Marketing Department. My day... Read More »

B2B Innovators Series: Russell Fujioka

With Bizo's new B2B Innovators Series, we'll be interviewing digital leaders -- including marketers, agency executives, and other innovators. We christen the series with Russell Fujioka, who has long been a digital marketing innovator. Russell Fujioka is an executive in residence at Bessemer Venture Partners. He is formerly global marketing VP of... Read More »

5 Must-Know Marketing Facts to Mention During...

It can happen to the best of us. Maybe you’re at the table waiting for a conference call to start, or you find yourself in on a slow elevator ride, and the conversation grinds to a halt and -- BAM! -- an awkward silence hits. You wait anxiously hoping for someone to say something, but the silence just grows bigger...but wait no more, grab on to one... Read More »
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