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Don't Miss These 4 Sessions at Digital Marketing...

The Digital Marketing Exchange opens Sunday and continues through Tuesday in San Antonio, Texas, and Bizo is excited to be a sponsor. For the B2B marketers who will be in attendance, here are our picks for the top sessions at the event. Sunday, Sept. 21, 1:45 p.m.: "Panel Discussion: From Vision to Execution – Innovating in the Digital Era" The... Read More »

How to Channel Your Inner Digital Marketing...

For many, school is officially back in full swing. Backpacks are being filled with textbooks, lunches are being packed, and students everywhere are being urged to study hard, aim high, and do their best to attain a position on that ever-elusive honor roll. (And parents, well, they just want the chance to put one of those honor roll bumper stickers... Read More »

When Building Your Marketing Stack, Think Lego –...

This guest post is written by Vivek Venugopal, marketing automation specialist at LinkedIn. Marketers are being inundated with different marketing technologies every day. Social listening, marketing automation, lead scoring, a dashboard for advertising, a dashboard for social, a dashboard for all of your dashboards – it’s enough to make even the... Read More »

B2B Innovators Series: Paul Pellman

Paul Pellman is the director/head of Adometry at Google. He was the CEO of Adometry, which markets attribution software, when it was acquired by Google earlier this year. Pellman, who has an extensive background as a chief executive and marketing executive, discussed how attribution is transforming marketing and making the department increasingly... Read More »
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