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The 6 Most Common Technologies Used by B2B...

Data Week continues here on the Bizo blog with a deep dive into more insights from “The Data-Driven Marketer” special report. The report, which surveyed more than 850 B2B marketers this summer, asked which marketing software and technologies marketers were using. The most commonly used marketing technology software are customer relationship... Read More »

Special Report: "The Data-Driven Marketer"

Shark Week is so… last week. This week is Data Week, at least here on the Bizo blog. Earlier this summer, we conducted an online survey of 852 marketers inquiring how they use data at their companies. We explored how many of them use data to analyze customers, identify prospects, or measuring the impact of their programs. We asked what marketing... Read More »

B2B Innovators Series: Scott Brinker

Scott Brinker is the co-founder and CTO of ion interactive, a SaaS provider of marketing software. Brinker also writes the Chief Marketing Technologist blog and is the conference chair of MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference. The inaugural conference, which is being held August 19-20 in Boston, is sold out. The next edition is slated for San... Read More »

3 Ways Fantasy Football Is Like Data-Driven...

It’s that time of year: Football season is almost upon us. So it’s time for football fans to gather in basements, around kitchen tables, or in Google Hangouts to make their fantasy football draft picks. The best fantasy football players are data-driven, making their picks not based on their favorite players or the teams they root for, but purely by... Read More »
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