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What You Can Learn About Marketing and Sales from...

This guest post was contributed by Michelle Martineau, a marketing consultant. Chances are good that if you’ve watched television for even just a few hours in the last 24 years you’ve seen an episode or two of “Law & Order” (or perhaps one of its many spin-offs). Truth be told, you can’t swing a fully charged remote in any direction without landing... Read More »

Behind the Desk: Karim Lalji

  Success at Bizo depends on the brilliant, hilarious, and just plain awesome people who make up our team. In "Behind the Desk," we give you a quick glimpse into our company culture and the people who make it all happen. Meet Karim Lalji             What’s something not in your LinkedIn profile? Everything that’s on my Facebook profile? Who’s your... Read More »

How to Develop the Best Content for Display and...

Creating memorable ads that work is difficult in any medium, whether it’s TV, radio, print, or online display. Display and social media advertising present their own unique challenges, chief among them getting a resonant marketing message into such a confined space. Domo, a cloud-based executive management platform, is recognized as a leader in... Read More »

Congratulations to Cetera Financial on its Markie...

Earlier this week, at Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Modern Marketing Experience event in London, the Global Markie Award program was held. The 8th annual Markie Awards recognize "creative, innovative and effective modern marketing practices that delivered increased engagement, conversation and ROI,” according to a Modern Marketing Blog post announcing... Read More »
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